Keeping a House Clean with Pets...

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For both humans and animals, clean habitat is very important. In nature, this issue is solved in a natural way, because ecosystems have a self-cleaning mechanism. However, in their own homes, pet owners face a number of challenges. Of course, it is easy to maintain cleanliness using a wide variety of household detergents. But before using a certain brand of household detergents, it is necessary to carefully study the composition, since the use of them may adversely affect your and your pet’s health. 
Pets are more susceptible to the negative effects of household chemicals, as harmful particles get on their fur, mucous membranes and into their body.

This interaction can cause:

Damages of organs and tissues
Various allergic reactions.
Inhibition of normal intestinal microflora.
Immune system weakening
The death of the animal.

Make your home a safer place for your four-legged friend, choosing environmentally friendly detergents. 



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