Why did housewives all over the world start switching to organic household chemicals?

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Conventional detergents contaminate your house with hazardous substances.

We clean the house not only for beauty, but also for health.

In order not to inhale dust and mold, to get rid of germs.

But do you know that the detergents that we use in everyday life can cause us the same harm as the dirt in the house? After all, they contain a whole bunch of toxic substances and allergens.


However, the choice of household detergents should be made deliberately.

When cleaning with “conventional” household chemicals, we sort of cover our home and dishes, from which we eat, with a layer of sulfur dioxide, hydrochloric acid, carcinogenic surfactants, and other toxic chemicals that, in their pure form, would never get into your apartment. In spite of that we do not usually pay attention to them when they are included in a composition of detergents we use.

Of course, the concentration of toxic substances in household chemicals is small, but when it is used on a daily basis, a cumulative effect occurs, and the human body reacts to such “slow” poisoning with chronic diseases.

Unlike household chemicals that are familiar to us, organic detergents do not contain hazardous substances.

Organic detergents are absolutely harmless to humans and the environment. Organic detergents are used to clean your house on a daily basis. For example, it is impossible to clean the house after repair using them, in this case, probably, you will still have to use more aggressive chemicals. But it is quite useful for everyday cleaning. It smells of cleanliness, instead of chemicals.


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