ECO 42 Alcohol disinfectant 5l

ECO 42 Alcohol disinfectant 5l


ECO 42. Alcohol disinfectant (Ready to be used) 5 l.

Alcohol-based, rapid disinfectant.

  • aldehyde- and fragrance-free.
  • Rapid actiond and fast drying
  • No rinse-off required.

General purpose, low-residue, rapid action, fast drying alcohol cleaner and disinfectant. Does not require rinse off.

Recomended for the rapid disinfection of all alcohol-resistant surfaces.

Suitable for use in a wide variety of establishments including kindergartens, schools, hotels, offices, etc.


Spray on to cleaned surface. Wipe with clean and dry microfiber cloth.

maintenance disinfection of hard surfaces: 30 seconds exposure time.

Environmental information:

Only plant-based surfactants are used. Free from petrochemicals, chlorides, halogens, phosphates and badly biodegradable phosphate replacements. Biodegradable according to latest EU regulation on detergents.


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