ECODOSE Dispenser


ECODOSE dosing pump.    

  • Easy to use when working with gloves, without compromising the user's convenience.
  • ndispensable for professional industrial use.
  • Made of high quality plastic with the highest resistance to aggressive detergents, cleaning and disinfectants.
  • Industrial tests showed the highest degree of wear in the work environment.
  • High-quality product produced in the European Union.
  • There are two types of dosing pumps - 20 or 30 ml per serving

The manual dosing pump of the ECODOSE dosing system is reliable, economical and effective for cleaning works of any kind, both for professional industrial use, and for individual use in households and small enterprises.

It does not require connection to the water supply system, it is practical in use, compact and mobile in places where cleaning is planned.

Suitable for all types of concentrated cleaning, washing and disinfecting agents. Easily mounted in a container and accurately doses the product.

There are two types of dosing pumps – 20 or 30 ml per serving. The EcoDose manual dosing pump 20ml is intended, for example, for dispensing hand soap and detergents, and a 30 ml dosing pump is mainly used for dispensing all cleaning, washing and disinfecting agents.

The ECODOSE dosing system is convenient for use in combination with a Canyon spray and a 650 ml bottle. It can also be dosed by diluting the concentrated product, for example in a bucket or sink, in accordance with the concentration intended for a particular type of cleaning.

When diluted in a working solution preparation tank, add the required concentrate dose by pressing the dispenser the required number of times, and then add the specified amount of water.

Proportions for the dilution are available on the label of each series of concentrated ECONOMIC products in the EcoDose info graphics.

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